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Mango Kajukatri

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One of the most trusted and oldest brand based in Surat, India.


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With more than 400+ customers on daily basis at our retail outlets.


Variety of Sweets
On every festive season we bring new varieties of sweets to you.


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Providing Quality, Traditional and Authentic taste of all the Indian Sweets. At the same time,
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  • Milk Based Sweets
    Milk Based Sweets
    Milk Based Sweets
    Milk Based Sweets

    Iconic Indian desserts made with milk and milk products blended with flavours resulting in creamy delicacy.

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  • Desi Ghee Sweets
    Desi Ghee Sweets
    Desi Ghee Sweets
    Desi Ghee Sweets

    Sweets made using various flours and frizzled in pure healthy clarified butter. Made with authentic desi ghee.

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  • Ghari

    Our mouth watering ghari is made of batter, milk, mawa and pure ghee - handcrafted in round shapes with sweet filling.

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  • Dryfruits Sweets
    Dryfruits Sweets
    Dryfruits Sweets
    Dryfruits Sweets

    Made from handpicked cashews, almonds, pistachio, figs & dates coated with pure silver and handcrafted in different shapes.

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  • Kajukatri

    Made from white, sweet and crispy cashews combined with nuts and various fruits. Coated with pure silver.

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  • Ayurvedic Recipes

    Made from several herbs and spices which our rishimunis have described in ancient books. Used for rejuvenation & acts as tonic for whole body.

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About 24 Carats Mithai Magic

About 24 Carats Mithai Magic

Authentic Taste & Finest Ingredients

From the start, we have been on a continuous journey to delight each customer who visits our abode. It is our goal to provide the most demanding customers with memorable, magical sweets that deliver the best of taste and discover a luxury experience found only in Surat, and only at 24 Carats.

In a span of 83 years, 24 Carats Mithai Magic has grown to comprise a classic collection of 200 traditional Indian desserts in tune with the contemporary tastes and delightfully rich quality.

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Rakshabandhan Special

Gold Leaf Sweets

This is not your ordinary sweet which has thin layer of edible foil, This is 24 Carats Pure Gold Leaf Sweet. It's speciality is not only it's pure gold foil but it's taste is so rich that you can't resist to try.
Not only for Rakshabandhan, Be it a wedding, any good news or simply any occassion, you must indulge once in the authentic flavours of the gold leaf sweet.

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24 Carats has been serving and delivering sweets to various countries across the world. Our clients order sweets from Canada, USA, Australia, Singapore, Middle East and U.K.
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Celebrate any occasion with our delicious sweets

With constant support of our happy customers, We started delivering our sweets on wedding functions,
occasions, catering services and corporate events.
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Loved by our customers

Best place for buying Sweets in India. The speciality of Surat - GHARI is the best available here. If you are visiting Surat, this is must visit place, and the best online sweet delivery in india to buy something exclusive for your loved ones at home. The place has aptly called itself 24 CARATS MITHAI.

- Tilak Haria

If You live in Surat and you don't know what is 24 Carats Mithai Magic, It's unbelievable! Superb place to buy sweets on various festivals like RakshaBandhan, Diwali, New Year and many other occasions.

- Kaushik Bapodariya

This place is 10 stars!!! We are in Canada and we always ask our friends who visit Gujarat to bring us back some. This is honestly the BEST MITHAI ever and anywhere...... Great Job.

- Sami Ullah

The shop is sweet lovers' paradise. I was surprised to find a few free samples as we were looking around, and they were very good. I saw special rose petals sweet for the first time, It's little bit costly but the taste was beyond the level.

- Ajay Alex

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Pure gold leaf sweets with thin layer of edible golden foil, Taste the pure excellence!
24 Carats is the best online sweet delivery in india to sell this authentic sweet, which has received a very positive response from customers.